open classes

Last week I survived the dreaded Open Class… This is when parents (or theoretically anyone else) can come and watch you teaching class. Obviously, this is nerve-wracking enough even before you factor in the fact that my boss told the other foreign teacher and I that our performances would effect enrollment since the parents would tell their friends about how awesome/sucky we were…

I also had to do it with the worst behaved class in the kindergarten. This class is 7 boys and one girl and most of them are six years old. I “practiced” the very simple class with them over and over for a week to prepare. Only two of the eight of them can answer simple questions like “What day is today?” and “What’s the weather today?” So I had two concerns going in : 1) that they were going to be running around hitting each other and screaming like they are wont to do, and 2) that they wouldn’t be able to say anything in English.

I had a bit of time to practice with them right before the actual Open Class and this did not help to calm either of my fears. However, miraculously, they acted like little angels when their parents were watching…still couldn’t answer too many questions correctly, but I hope that since we did other activities that they are better at as well, that in the end it was fine.

The other class I had was the best class in the kindergarten and it went great. The five year olds are all so smart and well-behaved. I think they are probably the favorite class of all the teachers. Their parents seemed to really like me and one even said “thank you” to me, so I felt very good about that.