korean halloween

the korean teacher yelled at the kids for playing with the pumpkin like this, but i thought it was cute.

halloween is really not a thing in korea. there are very few basic decorations and stuff available in stores. 


however, at an english school in korea, halloween is a huge thing! for the kindergarten, we even go trick-or-treating. we took them around in the school's buses to all of the apartment buildings where they live and their parents gave them candy. koreans love giving gifts and they tend to go all out, so in some ways it's a natural kind of holiday for them to adopt. in addition to just candy, the parents gave: cookies, cupcakes, a cake, sandwiches and yogurt (these were from the kids' parents who work in a hospital. healthy stuff), krispy kreme doughnuts and pizzas. the mom of two kids owns a pizza place in town. korean pizza is a unique experience. i plan to write a full post about it in the near future. also, note that there is no krispy kreme in my city. i think they must have brought the doughnuts from seoul. also, i was given a new towel for some reason. koreans have a great custom of using any kind of holiday or birthday as an excuse to eat fried chicken, so we had that for lunch too. lunch was a feast!  


we had witch's hats and capes for all the kids who didn't have costumes. like i said, halloween stuff is hard to come by here, so the kids who did come with costumes basically had a random assortment of generic halloween stuff. one kid was wearing a witch's hat, a vampire cape and had a devil's pitchfork. however, there were a couple kids who had full-on costumes that their parents must have ordered online. we have been asking them what they want to be for halloween for the past month or so and most of the boys always say "ironman" and most of the girls say "princess." one boy actually had a superhero costume. i don't even know what ironman looks like, so i'm not sure if it was ironman or not.

the rest of the day, we played halloween games. it was cool to have a different kind of day and change things up a bit, but it was a lot of work for us teachers. also, it was cool that i got to see ALL the kids in the afternoon classes, even the ones I don't have in my classes.