teaching update

Last week a group of seven year olds was talking excitedly about kimchi (the only word I could understand). Then one girl says to me, “Teacher, Jinny is love the kimchi!...MARRY! Marry the kimchi!” I turn to the kid who goes by Jinny (our school gives the kids “English names”) and say, “Jinny are you going to marry kimchi?” She nods her head proudly and says, “Yeah!” Smart kid. Kimchi is amazing!

The other day I was standing in front of the class teaching and for a second I looked down at one of the nine year old girls in the front row and she promptly meowed at me. I lost it. That whole class is full of goofy kids who make me laugh all the time. It is great, only I worry that I need to start being more strict with them, because they talk to each other and get off track sometimes during class but it’s hard because I like them so much. 

The three year olds are so cute, but I’m really glad I don’t have to be responsible for them alone for more than a few minutes a day. They really don’t understand much English aside from “What animal is this?”; ”What color is this?” and it’s extremely difficult to keep all 6-8 of their attention at once. Sometimes I just have to give up on whatever I was trying to accomplish and just try to get them to answer a few questions that they understand. Sometimes one of them will start playing with my hands or giving me high fives, then every single one of them has to do it too. It’s so cute, but I really can’t control them at all.

At first I didn’t like some of the classes with the older elementary students, because my school just gave me these textbooks and told me to go over them. I thought that’s all I was supposed to do and it was really boring. I have since learned that my bosses actually only want me to do the textbooks for part of the class. Now all of the classes are more fun because I know I have more freedom to do what I want and just talk to the kids too. In one class, I only had three students so I just chatted with them the whole class. They thought they really put one over on me since we didn’t get to the textbooks. Jokes really on them cause they were talking English the whole time. Lol. They probably learned more than they would have from the textbook.

Heading to Seoul in a few hours and I can’t sleep. I really need to get over this whole not being able to sleep before traveling thing. I’m too excited!! Five day weekend!!