the mystery of the tiny coats

it all started back in december when some friends and i were walking down the street in itaewon on the way to a delicious taco lunch. all of a sudden, i noticed something peculiar in a shop window. the shop in question sells clothing and coats. in the window were several mannequins outfitted in the store's goods. most of the mannequins were normal human-sized mannequins, however three of them, for reasons unknown, were of miniature proportions. i thought about the coats all through my meal and kept laughing to myself about them. the more i thought about them, the funnier they became. i had to get a photo with them on the way back to the metro.

literal tears streaming from my eyes

i have so many questions about the tiny coats, but unfortunately, no answers are forthcoming. the first and most pressing of these questions is: what purpose are the tiny coats meant to serve? are they just supposed to be examples of the kind of work that the tailor can do? if so, why do they need to be tiny? also, why are the tiny coats different sizes from each other? and where did the tiny mannequins come from? 

we joked that we should go in and ask how much the tiny coats are. does the tiny mink stole come with the white one? could we get a discount if we bought all three? if i had one of these in my apartment, i wouldn't need any other entertainment. i would just look at the jacket and laugh until i cried and passed out from lack of oxygen intake because i wouldn't be able to breathe from how hard i was laughing. 

last weekend, rachel and i were in seoul again and walking down the street where this store is. we noticed that the store next door to this one had a curious addition.

wish i would have taken a better photo, but this is all i have

the store NEXT DOOR. like they're feuding over the tiny coats. "damn, business sure has been booming next door. there's only one explanation: the tiny coats are drawing them in. we gotta get some of those tiny coats!!!" 

rather than ellucidating the matter of the tiny coats, the appearance of this new one in a different store only further confuses me. if the purpose of the tiny coats is simply to show off the work of the tailor (by far the most plausible one i can come up with), then why would they sell them?? the new one has a price tag of 100,000 won, which is about $95. i'm wondering who their target customer is. obviously, i would love to be the proud owner of a tiny coat, but that's only because they amuse me so much. are there people who are actually in the market for tiny coats because... they... have some kind of... purpose for them that i can't imagine what it could possibly be??

next time i'm in seoul i will have to do some more investigating. i imagine myself walking into the store going, "okay, listen up. i need some answers now. this charade has gone on long enough. the tiny coats... what's goin on??"