Korean supermarket soundtracks

one thing i really love about life in korea is the fact that both of the largest national supermarket chains, emart and homeplus, have their own soundtracks. what do i mean by this? when you shop in the stores, you will hear about six or seven songs about how great the store is that play on a loop. in donghae we have an emart, and rachel and i pretty much have all the songs memorized now. we often talk about how much we love the songs and want to buy the cd. we often sing the songs to each other. really, they are catchy tunes and to be honest we find it amusing that these stores have songs like this in the first place. 

a few months ago one of my five-year-olds was singing one of the songs, and i wanted to take a video of it, but he got shy in front of the camera. today, some of the six-year-olds were singing one and i got lucky and captured this goldmine:

my goal before i leave is to record these kids singing the other five emart songs :P